3 Golden Rules of Athleisure - How to Get It Right

woman in a yellow sports outfit

Changing times dictate the ebb and flow of fashion, and in these hectic and pandemic-included times, the fashion industry has shifted from stylish to comfortable and practical clothes. While comfort is indeed key to the on-the-go and demanding times, giving up the concept of style in all its glory is never the option. With that contradicting concept, the age of fashion and functionality came into being—athleisure.

The fashion industry has turned activewear into everyday wear, thereby burning the lines between clothes reserved only for exercising and pieces you’d wear to a Sunday brunch. Regardless if you’re running earrings or going on a coffee date, your athleisure outfits can do it all for you!

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get lost in the snuggle of comfort, where your style gets engulfed by monochromatic pieces of sweats. But don’t fret—we’ve gathered 3 golden rules of athleisure for you, to ensure that you stay chic and trendy all day long:

Rule #1: Balance is the answer

If you wish to wear loose shirts, opt to wear tight bottoms. For loose bottoms, tighter shorts is key. While wearing sets of loose-fitting clothes may seem like the best idea, you’d want everything to stay balanced. This ensures that you stay well put together, almost as if you’d taken hours upon hours trying to get the outfit right—even if you’d just thrown casually everything together!

For the best results, opt to wear structural tops to go with your joggers, such as corsets or a crop top. Conversely, a sweatshirt will look best with tighter bottoms, like leggings. To make sure you look extra chic, always wear your hair in a tight bun!

Rule #2: The recipe calls for fashion with function

The athleisure trend doesn’t necessarily mean that all your pieces need to be activewear. You need to mix function with fashion, so opt to integrate these comfortable pieces into your already existing wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, and experiment with blending pieces together.

Wearing leather jackets over your jogger set screams chic, for instance, while switching our sneakers with strappy sandals will make for the perfect afternoon coffee date. Make sure to scour the internet for the latest athleisure pieces, too, as you need to make sure that you invest in clothing items that are already stylish.

Rule #3: Accessorize to the nines

The key to any good outfit, no matter the style, is a good set of accessories. Make sure to curate your accessories carefully, as these will make or break your looks. Enhance your athleisure game with chunky gold necklaces, pearl earrings, and sunglasses.

Throwing in a baguette bag also ensures a feminine touch despite that masculine form, especially if you’re wearing jogger sets. As for your hair, the rule stays the same—keep it in a tight bun!

Athleisure Worth Splurging In

The world may have been on a standstill, but the world of fashion never ceases. People are always on the hunt for the newest and latest trends, especially since the time dictates fashion and functionality. That said, make sure to splurge in pieces that you’ll be loving for a long time, making sure that they last.

A bomber sweater, for instance, can be a perfect fall accessory, best paired with your baguette bags and gray sweatpants. The idea of athleisure is here to stay—better have pieces you’ll have with you for a long time.

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