3 Things to Consider Before Investing in Activewear

3 Things to Consider Before Investing in Activewear

Being stuck at home has sent countless individuals into whirlwinds of emotions, but this very confinement has shed light on things overlooked—exercising and comfort. Leather shoes and denim jeans lay forgotten, and in its place are lounge and activewear pieces that exude comfort.  

The pandemic has also further stressed the importance of exercising—in a land ravaged by a fatal virus, good health is key to survival.

On a lighter note, the pursuit of exercise has also given much-needed stress on activewear. It makes all the difference, especially when it comes to bringing motivation back after a week’s worth of slump. 

Splurging on workout clothes is always a good idea, but you must always proceed with caution—it’s more than just buying the most Instagrammable pieces. Activewear should primarily help make your exercise regime better, but should also double as your daily fashion look—even if you’re mostly just staying at home.

To ensure that you enjoy value for money, consider the following tips:

Tip #1: Never skip out on overall functionality

Your love for fashion is one thing, but activewear comes with strict rules. Bear in mind that bottom wear needs to stay up no matter how intense the activity, while your bra needs to be supportive. The designs you choose should offer a range of support levels, especially when it comes to your body size and activity types. You’ll want a thick waistband that fits snug, for instance, and a shirt that doesn’t ride up.

Given the prominence of influencers, it’s easy to fall in love with activewear that promises aesthetically pleasing photographs. If it does not provide you with the support you need, however, it’s best to move on. The best activewear pieces allow you to keep focused—not constantly fussing and readjusting. 

Tip #2: Choose colors that reflect you 

In terms of functionality, your choice of color also plays a crucial role. You’ll want to choose pieces that will make you sweat more, such as darker hues of navy, gray, and even black. Once you’ve gathered these staple pieces, feel free to choose color palettes of your liking. 

Bold colorways, like neon, used to be frowned upon. Many are quick to point out imperfections exacerbated by such colors, but the recent empowerment movement begs to differ. You’re free to wear whatever you wish, so choose colors that make you feel good about yourself. 

Other designs like African patterns are also causing a buzz, especially since it sheds light on recent issues like the BLM and the rightful and proper recognition of the African community. In other words, don’t be afraid to choose anything that intrinsically allows you to feel good. So long as you feel that support and meaning, you’ll naturally be radiating confidence. 

Tip #3: Versatile pieces make your splurges worth it 

Like with every functional pierce, activewear is investments that require careful planning. You’ll want to purchase pieces you can wear outside your workout classes, so opt for pieces you can easily integrate into your already existing wardrobe. Yoga pants, for instance, can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. 

The flattering piece can be paired with heeled boots and a blazer, sending you towards a route of instant chicness. Chunky sneakers, on the other hand, allow you to sport an elevated errand look. Your activewear pieces should serve as good foundational pieces, be it a client meeting, brunch dates, and yoga—make sure you get the best of all worlds!

Invest in Premium Activewear 

In this day and age, modern and comfortable fashion is key. You’ll want to invest in pieces that not only serve you well during your exercise sessions but also other aspects of your life. As you look for activewear pieces to purchase next, keep these tips in mind. You’ll need to ensure that they exude functionality, perfect color scheme, and above all, serve you no matter the context. 

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