5 Essential Activewear Items For The Serious Gym-Goer

5 Essential Activewear Items For The Serious Gym-Goer

The activewear industry—also known as the athleisure industry to many—are worth millions of dollars for a reason. More than a way for gym-goers to flaunt their hard-earned muscles in style, they are designed to keep up with the rigors of an active lifestyle. Unlike everyday clothing that can result in chafing, discomfort, or just poor support, proper gym wear provides as much comfort as possible as you actively use your body.

If you’re serious about exercise, then here are five essential active wear items to use for your next workout session.

1. Dri-Fit Tees

Run-of-the-mill cotton shirts are great for normal everyday use. Unfortunately, they do nothing in terms of wicking away moisture. If you’ve ever exercised in cotton shirts, you have probably felt the discomfort of being drenched in sweat, your wet and sticky shirt clinging to your skin. In contrast, dri-fit shirts are usually made with polyester filaments that wick away moisture almost immediately, keeping you dry and comfortable even as you complete the most demanding routines.

Apart from keeping you dry, dri-fit shirts also prevent chafing, which can be a real problem with cotton-made shirts that can be very abrasive against your skin when wet.

2. Padded Sports-Bra

Everybody experiences the discomfort of bouncing during exercise, even men. Though mainly designed for women, sports bras are designed to inhibit movement and provide adequate support during exercise, which prevents chafing and reduces pain. Because they are made for exercise, they also wick away moisture and prevent any sweat from accumulating.

3. Athletic Shorts and Leggings

Finding the right pair of athletic shorts and legging are important especially during cardio and leg days, where the repeated motions are most likely to cause chafing. Athletic shorts and leggings are usually made from polyester and spandex materials. They prevent chafing by keeping your loose appendages together, ensuring they don’t rub together as you work out.

4. Training Socks

Your feet experience a lot of friction too, especially if your routine includes the treadmill. As any professional runner will tell you, blisters can hold your training back for weeks, and they can crop up anywhere from your ankles to your toes. Good training socks offer extra protection in these high-blister areas through added padding, helping you to run the extra mile.

5. Gym Bag

To the uninitiated, gym bags can look impractical. After all, all you need is something to carry your clothes and shoes in, and just about any bag can handle that. However, good gym bags are designed to resist and neutralize odors that may come from your used workout clothes, keeping the rest of your items clean and odor-free!


While important for your health, exercise is an inherently stressful activity for your body. This is especially true in the beginning, when the level of exertion can feel very unnatural as you make your transition to an active lifestyle. More than the struggle of keeping up with your routine though, you will start to notice that your regular clothes are holding you back. In time, they will start to feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. To combat this, invest in clothing that is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle.

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