6 Reasons Why African Fashion Is On the Rise Worldwide

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In the last decade, African fashion has seen a slow and steady rise in the industry. This surge of interest in African patterns and modernized styles has led to a continued upward momentum into the global zeitgeist, and it is worth celebrating.

Here are six reasons why African fashion has become so popular all over the world:

A New Generation

Millennials and Gen Z have so many more opportunities to connect with their heritage. With the dawn of the digital age, the African diaspora has so many readily available resources to access their ancestors’ traditions and culture.

This new generation has brought their culture to the forefront and is now applying to industries all over the world, including fashion. African designs are so colorful and visually appealing, it’s no surprise that it is finding a brand new audience. Even Western designers are incorporating its elements into their clothing, accessories, even gym outfits!

Social Media

The rise of social media brings an audience of millions to previously overlooked niches and styles, especially in the fashion world. Fashion enthusiasts are always on the lookout for brand new and unique aesthetics beyond the Western standard.

African designers and models posting their work on Instagram and other platforms have led to greater exposure worldwide. Offering your audience so many more choices means further growth of the industry.

A-List Celebrities

In the last few years, more and more Black A-list celebrities have been utilizing African designers and fashion elements in high-profile events. When Rihanna, Beyonce, and even Michelle Obama wear traditional African garb in public, the whole world takes notice and follows suit.

African Art

African films, art, and music have also become more and more popular all over the world. This new appreciation for art created by Africans has led to a natural growth of fashion, as well. Famous African musicians and stars of famous African films donning work by talented African fashion designers is a fantastic showcase of what the continent has to offer.

Rise In African Economy

African countries have been seeing a rise in their economies, so many new businesses are opening on the continent. Clothing shops and fashion-focused companies have been finding great success because of the low initial investment and a high potential for growth in a short amount of time.


This enthusiasm in the fashion industry in Africa has led to greater attention worldwide!

A Melting Pot Of Culture

The digital age has opened so many doors and windows to other cultures that have been previously kept closed. It’s easy to access music, cinema, food, and yes, fashion, from completely foreign lands.

With so many people hungry for new experiences and now that access is so easy, a new appreciation of traditional African fashion designs has grown.


African fashion has always been stunning, unique, and worthy of appreciation. In the last decade, the rest of the world has opened its eyes to the beauty, leading to a surge of interest in the African design aesthetics. With so many resources available to a new generation of designers as well as Black celebrities opting for traditional designs, there’s no stopping African fashion from going full mainstream!

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