At-Home Workout Fashion Guide: Clothes and Other Essentials

Woman in sports attire running

Woman in sports attire running

Due to the rising positive cases of coronavirus, many gyms and fitness studios around the world have been affected by the pandemic. Everyone is encouraged to practice social distancing, observe safety precautions, and stay home as much as possible.

If you are a gym buff, athlete, or a sports enthusiast, you may have been affected by the closure of fitness centers that made meeting your fitness goals challenging. The good news is that with various live streaming services and social media, you can work out and bring fitness studios right in the comfort of your home.

To help you get more inspired and motivated to get moving, investing in quality African print athletic wear is a must. Feel free to use this at-home workout fashion guide to get started in working out in style and comfort.

1. Pilates and low-impact exercises

A ribbed coordinated set is perfect for sculpt sessions, such as Pilates and low-impact exercises. Some workout must-haves you shouldn’t forget are your grip socks, leggings, ribbed sports bra, and ankle weights for leg lifts.

If you are into fashionable African gym wear, consider shopping at our store. We have various clothing pieces that aim to empower you and showcase your one-of-a-kind strength and beauty by channeling culturally significant patterns.

2. Yoga and core work

Investing in the right workout equipment can make your exercise sessions more effective and efficient. When performing yoga and core work, it is best to buy a quality solid mat and a true yoga block. As for athletic wear, you are sure to move your body more comfortably with a seamless longline bralette, a breathable pair of leggings, and a matching top.

3. Running

Running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that helps boost your overall well-being. Whether you are going for a long, solitary walk, jogging on a treadmill, or taking your outdoor alone time with an intense running session, having the right running gear is important.

Make your exercise more effective by wearing the right sports bra, running shorts, and running sneakers. You may also use a media armband to track your progress.

4. Ballet and dance

Dancing is an enjoyable hobby and a fun exercise. Whether you enjoy ballet, jazz, contemporary, or hip-hop, you are sure to be more motivated to attain your health and fitness goals with quality workout clothes and gadgets.

Enjoy live stream dance classes or dance breaks with a top-notch pair of Bluetooth headphones, and make sure that they won’t fall out while moving. This is especially helpful if you live with your roommates or family members. As for clothes, some exercise essentials you can wear are a corset bodysuit, a wrap cardigan, and high-rise knit leggings.


Wearing the right clothing while working out at home can give you comfort and improve your athletic performance. Sometimes, it takes only a fine-knit bodysuit, slim joggers, or a workout set to make you feel inspired and empowered to try boot camp or dance class from your bedroom and give you the confidence to finally get started in getting your dream body. When buying athletic wear and gear, purchase only at reputable fashion stores like ours.

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