Avoid These 5 Workout Apparel Mistakes—What to Know

woman in sports wear

Physical fitness is about the movement of our bodies and its overall holistic positive effects. We build and create routines around exercising in order to keep ourselves healthy, so it’s no surprise that many factors or components go with it. For example, there are particular do’s and don’ts when it comes to workout attire.

Our very own workout attire dictates our performance. Without the right gear, there’s a high chance we won’t achieve results efficiently. So it’s safe to say that investing in quality athletic apparel should be included in your basic gym etiquette. 

To begin, here are the five workout apparel mistakes you must avoid.

Mistake #1: Wearing Cotton Absorbent Clothing

It may be tempting to purchase or wear anything that says “100% Cotton.” Cotton is comfortable, accessible, and long-lasting. But unfortunately, it’s not a viable material for exercising. Because of its highly absorbent quality, the sweat stays on you. This ultimately leaves you moist for a prolonged period of time and makes your skin susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections, as well as pungent body odor. 

Simply avoid these problems by wearing breathable and sweat-wicking workout clothes.

Mistake #2: Having Little to No Bust Support

Comfortable sports bras are widely available, in case you need a reminder. When it comes to doing anything physically active, keep in mind that the bounce isn’t the only thing to worry about; your chest needs a lot of support so as not to injure yourself! 

Don’t just wear regular bras that offer little to nothing during your workout. With the wrong bras, you could even suffer upper back and shoulder pains. Sports bras also keep your breast tissue from stretching and prevent premature sagging as well.

Mistake #3: Wearing Anything Too Tight or Too Baggy

Anything too tight or too baggy can restrict you during your workout. These are the leggings that make it impossible for you to do full squats, sports bras that constrict your breathing, or shorts that cause your inner thighs uncomfortable chafing. 

To add, big, baggy t-shirts and shorts are a big no-no as well. In working out at the gym, your trainer will need to see your body’s form throughout the workout. This way, he/she can correct you and help you prevent injuries. 

The ideal step to take is to look for the best workout clothes that suit your body and preferred style. Find the middle ground between too tight and too baggy clothes, and make sure the fabric is made for exercising. If it feels awesome, you’ll look awesome too!

Mistake #4: Using Worn-out Shoes

Shoes play an important role in your exercise routine. If you happen to use your trainers frequently, then regularly check for holes, the soles, the cushioning, and whatnot. Wearing worn-out shoes can throw off the alignment of your feet, knees, and hips, and they provide less cushioning for impact. You’ll instantly notice the difference once you replace your shoes with new ones.

Mistake #5: Putting On Makeup and Accessories

If you’re working out at home, leave these in the bedroom. If you’re going for a run or going to the gym, leave these at home. It’s that simple!

Accessories like necklaces can get tangled up in a mess, ruining your momentum mid-workout. Meanwhile, rings may affect your grip on weights, which evidently becomes a safety hazard. From metal to metal, weights can also easily damage your jewelry.

Straightforwardly, workout bare-faced. When you wear makeup during an exercise, the sweat, dirt, and oil underneath will clog your pores and cause potential breakouts. Let your skin breathe and sweat freely whether you’re at home, in the gym, or out for a run.


Participating in physical activities is all about feeling good first, and looking good second. It’s a way to keep yourself fit in the different aspects of your well-being. And to take this seriously, you must also be prepared with what you wear to your workouts. Make the best out of your exercises by wearing the right clothes!

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