Fashionably Active and Healthy: 2020 Activewear Trends to Try

woman in activewear

woman in activewear

Activewear, or athleisure, has been a growing trend for years. Recent events have accelerated its growth exponentially, however, such as the coronavirus pandemic. One of the many effects of quarantine and lockdowns is people’s newfound love for everything activewear. Workout sets have always been on the necessary side of wardrobes, but leggings, bike shorts, and everything exercise has been dominating social media for months now.

People have fully embraced the idea of at-home workouts, which has then sparked an interest in hoarding activewear. While activewear is designed mainly to support comfortable sweat sessions, it’s no secret that the world of fashion has invaded the landscape. The trendier the workout pieces, the better.

As people continue to incorporate athletic wear into the more prominent and permanent part of their styles, here are some of the best activewear trends you need to consider.

Word of caution: you may end up ordering one or twenty pieces after—but it will be well worth it:

Trend #1: Seamless and pastel pieces

Activewear is all about stretch, and that’s all comfortable until you suffer from red marks after a long, hard session of cardio and weightlifting. It can be painful, but the seamless trend has you covered. Once you’ve done seamless pieces, you’ll never reach for anything else ever again. Although an undeniably subtle detail, seamless sports bras, tank tops, and even leggings feel like you’re wearing nothing but clouds.

To make things more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, opt for seamless pieces in pastel. These are causing all the rage with celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian, sporting neutral chrome and beige tones, with lighter colors like lilac, blush pink, and even pale yellow!

Trend #2: One-piece bodysuits

The 80’s styles have always been hovering in and out of fashion trends, but people now fully embrace it—workout bodysuits are now back on trend! Long and short leotards have been in demand since late last year, with various prints and cutouts available to suit personal styles and needs.

They’re incredibly handy for dance-style workouts, sweaty yoga sessions, even Pilates and HIIT. For more exciting pieces, try neon, primary colors, and even animal print! A pair of high waisted performance leggings and a handy sports bra are amazing pieces, but bodysuits just have that certain charm you won’t get anywhere else.

Trend #3: Sustainability and social meaning is key

The most prominent players in the athleisure world are environmentally conscious brands, along with those promoting social consciousness. As the world plunges deeper into environmentalism and social responsibility, people now choose brands that mean something other than consumerism.

Brands like Veer Active, for instance, are making a bold statement by incorporating the diversity and expression of African culture through African print wear. Other brands also use recycled plastic bottles for their pieces, along with sustainable packaging to reduce carbon footprint.

The shopping culture is real and undeniable, but one thing’s for sure: people now choose to support brands with statements, and this trend will likely only grow from here on out.

Embracing Athleisure

It may be tempting to lounge around all day in sweatpants and shirts, but those can hardly be called proper activewear. There’s just something about wearing fitted leggings and sportswear, especially now that you’re mostly stuck at home. Finding the motivation to workout at home may be difficult, but these athleisure trends may just change your mind. So, go ahead and order yours!

For premium activewear, Veer Active is the place to go! We offer premium, stylish, and high-quality activewear, injected with the notion of supporting the beautiful African culture. As a Black-owned business, we aim to more than just serve our customers, however—we’re here to make a difference. Change lives with us—order your activewear piece today!