How to Keep Your Workout Clothes Fresh For Your Next Session

workout clothes

Every time you work out, you will always break a sweat, especially if your session involves a long duration of stretches, cardio, or weightlifting. No matter what type of workout outfit you have on, you can expect to be perspiring a lot at the end of your exercise.

Sometimes, you will produce an odor that’s not only due to your intense workout but also because of a combination of sweat, skin cells, sebum, salt, and bacteria. As such, the only way for you to get rid of that unwanted buildup is to wash your workout clothes properly. Since the fabric of the exercise clothes you wear differs from your everyday outfits, you have to be more careful and meticulous about washing them to ensure they remain fresh and clean. 

If you always want to feel good on every workout session you do, keep reading below to find out three effective ways to maintain the excellent condition of your sportswear!

Put Your Clothes in the Laundry after Each Session

After each workout session, whether you ended up sweating too much or not at all, it’s important to throw your clothes in the laundry right away. Even though you didn’t perspire too much in your last activity, you should still avoid wearing your clothes again to prevent odor and bacteria from forming.

When you make an effort to wash your sports clothing immediately, you minimize the chances of encountering germs that cause the unpleasant smell. But if you don’t have the time to start with your laundry promptly, the least you can do is hang up your workout clothes to dry and slow down bacteria growth. 

Soak Your Workout Clothes in White Vinegar

If you want to ensure that you can eliminate the chances of bacteria growing on your athletic wear, soaking your clothes in white distilled vinegar works to target the buildup of oil, sweat, and dirt. Since most households have the product sitting in their kitchen cupboards, you can turn vinegar into a DIY cleaner and deodorizer to address your issues with odor-causing germs.

All you have to do is pour one part of white distilled vinegar and four parts of water into a container and mix them well. Then, soak your clothes for thirty minutes before you proceed with washing them thoroughly. But if you have other things to do before getting started with your laundry, be sure to rinse your workout clothes with plain water and hang them up to drip and dry!

Turn Your Gym Clothes Inside Out

The truth is that the bacteria that gathers in your athletic clothing after a sweaty workout session occurs inside and not outside your outfit. For this reason, each time you finish exercising, you should turn your workout clothes inside out to reduce the dirt, sweat, and oils.

Moreover, when you prefer washing your clothes inside out, they tend to look better and retain their excellent condition longer because their inside fabric is what experiences your washer’s vibrations. As a result, the outside of your clothes becomes less worn out and looks better than ever!


The next time you complete a workout session, don’t forget to do your part if you want to ensure that you can keep using your clothes for an extended period. Wash your clothes as soon as possible, soak them in white vinegar, and turn your clothes inside out to prolong their good quality. Also, if you’re looking for durable clothes to wear, it’s best to drop by a sportswear store and purchase high-quality and long-lasting athletic wear!

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