Stepping Out in Athleisure: Where and How to Wear Activewear

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Isn't it crazy how athleisure has suddenly burst into the fashion scene? With a plethora of athletic companies, spotting the right piece of activewear that you can wear day in and day out can be quite tricky. But one thing's for sure — athleisure was born to help you downsize your closet so you have a collection of clothing you can wear for every occasion. 

Athleisure is the go-to uniform for many people nowadays. When they need to get ready for work from home duties or need to step out for errands, you'll always find them pulling a pair of leggings and a tank. Many love wearing athleisure because of its flexible, breathable, and comfortable fabrics that you can wear everywhere — may it be the gym, your local grocery, at the park, or at work. 

What Is Athleisure?

To simply put it, athleisure is a type of sportswear and active clothing that you can wear any time, anywhere. The word athleisure is a combination of two words — athletic and leisure —, and the term was actually coined in 1979, when it was used to describe people who wanted to look athletic without the sweat.

Where Can I Wear Athleisure?

  • Gym: Obviously, the gym is the classic venue for athleisure. This is because athleisure is designed for sports and intense physical activity, allowing you to do exercises and various movements with ease.

    Some activewear is designed with working out and running everyday errands in mind, so you'll find people with fashion-forward leggings and tanks without compromising airflow and sweat-resistant features.

  • Work: Some workplaces don't have a strict, formal dress code. For this reason, many love to wear athleisure to work. This is because the design of activewear can help improve mobility and posture, especially when you're on your desk for most parts of the day. Besides that, if you need to sprint to your next meeting, your leggings can help you get more speed.

  • Cafés and Restaurants: Sitting outside with your friends and having conversations over a cup of coffee is why athleisure were made. Because of athleisure, you can run straight from your gym and have an "active recovery" session with your friends while staying comfortable, thanks to its moisture-wicking technology.

How to Wear Athleisure

  • Spice it up with simple jewelry pieces: Ideally, you want to put on your accessories after your workout so you won't get jewelry-related accidents or lose a piece while you run on the treadmill;

  • Balance pieces with neutrals: Some athleisure have loud, vibrant colors, and the best way to look visually balanced is to pair them with neutral and basic elements;

  • Try mixing pieces with regular clothing: Because there are a bunch of athleisure that blend well in the gym, and when you're out in the streets, you can amp up your look by wearing standard clothing with your activewear pieces, such as a white button-up with your black leggings;

  • Don't be afraid to layer clothing: Athleisure is made of comfortable fabric, to begin with, so when you start layering pieces, you won't feel any discomfort at all.

The Bottom Line: Athleisure Is So Versatile, You Can Wear It Anytime, Anywhere. 

The great thing about athleisure today is that the designs can blend in perfectly when you need to squeeze in an hour-long sweat session in the gym or if you need to go on a quick grocery run. Fortunately, brands like Veer Active have function and fashion in mind, so you can guarantee that heads will turn when you're wearing their pieces when you're out and about!

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