The Gym Bag Essentials Checklist for Your Workouts this 2021

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2021 is a year to celebrate health and fitness, even despite the pandemic. Working out at home is still a great alternative to working out at the gym. But if you’ve been missing the treadmill or lifting weights, then you can stop by at the local gym so long as you follow the appropriate restrictions. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, there is no reason to be complacent.

There will be some changes—the capacity of people will be lower, safety distancing protocols will be in place, and you will have to bring your own gym essentials to avoid contact from others. To help you prepare for a return to gym life in 2021, here are some of the essentials to the gym:

The Gym Bag Essentials Checklist of 202

Hand Sanitizer or Rubbing Alcohol

You should be carrying hand sanitizers around everywhere, and the gym is no exception. Whenever you use a piece of equipment or handle cash, you should sanitize after to be safe. And while many establishments, including gyms, already have hand sanitizer stations, it’s still good to carry your own. These are usually pocket-sized, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them taking up space in your gym bag.


Expect to sweat when you’re at the gym. Paper towels are usually available, but these won’t exactly soak up everything from your body. They’re also very wasteful. Bring a quick-dry towel to use between sets or when sweat becomes unmanageable.

The Right Athleisurewear

To have a comfortable and smooth workout, you need the right clothes and shoes to move around in. Your clothes should be stretchy but fitted right to your body. They should also be light and breathable so you won’t feel too hot when you start to sweat.

Your shoes have to be lightweight and durable. They should be comfortable enough to wear during a workout and fit you perfectly. And, depending on the type of physical activity you’re planning, you might need a specific set of shoes.

Water Bottle

Now is not the time to use the cups at the water cooler. It is much safer to have your own water bottle with you so that you can hydrate safely. While there may be vending machines around, you can save some money by bringing your own water bottle from home.

And besides safety, it’s just less wasteful to have a water bottle than use disposable cups or drink from a plastic water bottle from the vending machine.

Personal Equipment

While the gym has its own equipment, you can bring the things you need that’s solely meant for you. For instance, resistance bands can help you greatly in your routine. Your gym may have them, but it is better to have your own. Another piece of equipment you can bring is your yoga mat to do stretches or exercises that require being on the ground. It is also ill-advised to share lifting gloves with other people.


While things may be different right now, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop your workout routine. Start getting active again and visit your local gym. As long as you follow every safety protocol and bring your own things to avoid cross-contact at the gym, then you can go once in a while.

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