The Ultimate Athletic Wear Lookbook

woman in athleisure

woman in Athleisure

Once depicted as an exclusively spiritual practice, yoga has evolved in its purpose, technique, and fashion. “Athleisure” doesn’t always have much to do with practicality—it often favours style and is one that has become increasingly popular with women all over the world. Nowadays, it’s hardly an exaggeration to claim that modern fashion is athleisure and the forms it takes are endless. If you’re an aspiring athlete or simply love the look of a stylish legging, there’s much to explore.


An essential piece of premium activewear, athletic tops are available in a plethora of styles and designs. Prioritise high-quality tops if you’re using them for a session at the gym or a morning run. Whether racerback, sleeved, cropped, or just a sports bra, there is a top out there that will best suit your needs.


There is no one universal athleisure pant. Google the term, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of an avalanche of results. Capri pants and sweat shorts are a popular choice for outwear options—but sales pale in comparison to that of leggings and tights.

For women who prefer comfortable yoga pants, leggings make an excellent alternative. Most sports leggings are high-waisted, which provide a great source of warmth during the winter season—that is if your country has one. Leggings are often manufactured using performance fabric, which is moisture-wicking, preventing sweat rashes during a workout.

To achieve a “second-skin” feel, legging fabrics come with compression features, which also increase the level of blood circulation in the legs. When running long distances, compression can stave off tired legs.


If it wasn’t already apparent, compression in sports apparel is a concept that is taking off. Like compression leggings and sports bras, compression socks medically aid individuals participating in physical activity. Wearing them during exercise can prevent soreness in the muscles around that area.


Not every woman will appreciate chestiness—especially athletes. If you’re a little too well-endowed, you’re at higher risk of experiencing back pain if you aren’t wearing the appropriate type of support. Moisture-wicking sports bras are excellent for absorbing sweat and restricting movement in the chest area. Avoid 100% cotton sports bras that fray and stain quickly.

Tighter than a regular bra, sports bras provide comfort and support when running indoors or outdoors. Contrary to what first-time users perceive, sports bras don’t make it harder for wearers to breathe. If you prefer a less confining bra with the same amount of support, consider an encapsulation bra.

Sports bra tank tops with a built-in bra shelf known as “shimmels” are ideal for low-impact activities and exercises. These might include weight-lifting or circuit training but aren’t suitable for competitive sports.


Hectic lives demand a greater need for comfortable clothing, yet fashionable individuals are unwilling to give up style points. So they turn to athleisure, which marries practicality and style. Whether you’re layering to enhance your look or pad up during the winter, athleisure is a versatile trend that is not ready to retire.

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