The Yogi Fashion Guide: 3 Activewear Pieces for Your Practice

The Yogi Fashion Guide: 3 Activewear Pieces for Your Practice

It may not seem like it, but yoga is a ton of work. Performing a downward-facing dog or striking a good mountain pose requires precision and skill, and a great deal of comfort. That said, learning to perform yoga in uncomfortable, sagging, or too-tight clothes can cause your forms and focus to wither, leaving you with an unsatisfying yoga session. 

Yoga clothing plays a crucial role in your practice, a clothing category referred to as athleisure. Although countless pieces now come with various cutouts, patterns, and other features, your purchases will largely depend on personal preference and the type of yoga you wish to practice. 

Although the idea of shopping for the right yoga clothing is fun, you’ll want to focus mainly on function. To make sure that you stay active and comfortable throughout your yoga sessions, here’s a quick guide to getting your yoga clothes right:

The Right Bottom Support: Leggings 

Most yoga clothing brands offer a variety of yoga pants, all of which come with various lengths, fits, and materials. If you wish to purchase clothes that greatly support your yoga practice, you’ll want to choose bottoms that offer flexibility and breathability. Yoga pants made from nylon, polyester, and spandex are some of the best choices, as these fabrics can flow with you, all the while keeping sweat off your body. 

Seeing as you’ll be working with difficult poses, you’ll need to ensure proper coverage as you stretch and bend. Tight yoga pants ensure that no slipping happens, even during the most compromising positions. If you’re looking for a more comfortable fit, however, baggy yoga pants are best for slow practices that focus on breathing and restorative benefits.

The Perfect Body Hugging Piece: Form-fitting Tips 

Most yoga enthusiasts opt for form-fitting shirts, specifically those that fit well around the waist and hips. This prevents the top from falling over your head during bending postures, which can be distracting. 

You’ll want these form-fitting shirts to be breathable and soft, with seams created specifically for support. A moisture-wicking material can also help, as this keeps any risk of chafing from happening. To ensure a comfortable practice, make sure to avoid cotton at all costs! 

The Ample Chest Pillar: Sports bras

Although yoga is quite different from other high-intensity practices, you’ll want ample support around your chest area. One of the best choices remains to be in a sports bra, but the right one will depend on your coverage needs, yoga practice, and bust size. As a general rule, it’s best to wear supportive sports bras for more intense yoga practices, most of which require you to invert and twist.

For more peaceful practices, however, you’ll be better off using normal sports bras. You can also choose to opt out of form-fitting shirts altogether and just wear a sports bra, so long as you receive the support you need.

Joining the Yoga Movement in Supportive Style 

Yoga requires good breathing techniques and a calm mind, but the practice also needs the individual to be extremely comfortable during the practice. As such, it’s incredibly important to invest in athletic wear that supports your movements, ensuring that you stay comfortable. There’s no need to sacrifice style, either—so long as you know which one works best for you, you’ll be well on your way to a meaningful yoga experience.

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