Top 5 Spring Athleisure Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

girl working out

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, everyday office attire has been replaced by comfortable, activewear or loungewear. Instead of wearing button-down suits or long sleeves tops, people are turning to yoga pants and hoodies. In a matter of a few weeks, athleisure became the day to night getup.

Of course, there are still fitness enthusiasts who feel inspired enough to actually work out, but most of the population are stocking up on these comfortable clothes for everyday use. According to Kristen Classi-Zummo, director of market insights in apparel at The NPD Group, “People used to buy activewear to work out in. Now they’re buying it to do everyday activities, to lounge around in, or as their work-from-home attire.”

With that said, we can say that workout outfits are more than just sporty pieces. They are equal parts casual and classic that you can use every day. This coming spring, most of the styles will be looking into the past for inspiration. However, stylists and designers are keeping the current bright and bold options for a stronger punch. 

If you plan on stocking up on your workout clothes, here are some of the trends in 2021:


A sporty and athletic look wouldn’t be complete without sweatshirts. These head-to-toe athletic tops are a comfortable and casual choice for those who want to work before hitting the gym. We even see a lot of celebrities lounging around their home or grabbing a bite to eat wearing these. Foley shared that sweatshirts and leggings are perfect for some warmer spring days. 

Leopard print

Fashion and brand consultants say that “...this trend never died, but it’s definitely having a revival moment right now in both fashion and in performance wear.” Leopard print is a bold and eye-catching pattern that can be paired with anything neutral.  You can easily style your leopard print with your clothes, such as a structured blazer or loose-fitted denim. 

It’s also nice to know that leopard print also does not involve the slaughter of rare animals. When used in female clothing, it can signify independence, confidence, sexuality, and nonconformity, depending on the accessory. Men can also wear leopard print for more eclectic styles. 


You may think that velvet is only reserved for formal occasions, but velvet is gaining popularity among activewear and athleisure designers. “In stark contrast to the neon,” says Foley, “feminine neutrals bring velvet into spring, helping bring some optimism to the never-ending cold.” 

The great thing about velvet activewear is you can easily change for your post-workout life with just a change in bags and shoes. Your activewear can look like day-to-day clothes due to the fantastic texture and appearance of velvet. Do note that these styles are best for either casual, low-impact, and abrasive-surface-free workouts. 


Neon is great for workout clothes. It adds color and vibrance to your clothes to make them feel sporty. Additionally, neon prints and designs help radiate an aura of positivity. So, whenever you’re feeling down or too lazy to work out for the day, wear one of your neon print workout clothes to feel energized. 

Wide-leg pants

Foley predicts that shapes are about to become more exaggerated to create new silhouettes. Wide-leg bottoms are a fresh alternative to leggings and joggers. Instead of a slouchy jogger, you can grab a pair of these voluminous pants to pair with your sports bra and denim jacket look. 


Styles from the ‘80s and ‘90s have a way of coming back to 2021. Incorporating the styles from these eras with the bright and pastel colors of today creates a beautiful pattern, fit for working out, and casual styles. Stock up on these prints and colors for your spring athletic look.

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