Trendy and fashionable pieces for anyone on the go, offered on the basis of community support.

Whether you’re a busy professional woman who wants to look stylish at the gym, a devoted yoga practitioner who needs ultimate comfort and flexibility as you seek to continually improve your internal and external atmospheres, or a man active in your local sports communities with a need for high-quality and high-fashion activewear, Veer Active provides a broad variety of fashionable pieces for anyone with an active lifestyle.

We take pride in the eclectic and vibrant nature of our selections, and we seek to promote the spirit of community and the message of social consciousness with the platform we have built.

We’ve partnered with three non-profit organizations to take our participation in giving back to the next level. When you shop with Veer Active, you’ll be prompted with to choose one or all three of our partners to donate a portion of the total in your shopping cart. 

Every sale helps to improve someone’s life, and in turn does its part to help shape better and more supportive communities.