5 Ways to Wear Workout Clothes to the Office

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Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle involves squeezing in as many workouts as possible in your busy schedule. At some point, you’ve probably been scheduling gym sessions during your lunch break or after work, which means you likely tote a bulky gym bag to the office. If this has gotten too cumbersome for you, you may be wondering if it’s possible to pull off workout clothes at the office.

The good news is that wearing athleisure at the office is becoming increasingly prevalent and acceptable, although this highly depends on the workplace you have. Many different brands have designed stylish athletic apparel that can double as office wear when styled correctly, lightening your everyday load. If you notice your other coworkers wearing sports clothing, whether it’s a refined sports tank covered in a blazer or stylish yoga pants that look like slacks, it may be time to try out athleisure at the office.

Here are five ways to wear workout clothes to the office:

Wear Lightweight, Flowy Workout Tops

Many gym brands have begun designing athletic clothing that’s less form-fitting and more lightweight and flowy. That means you’ll have more access to tops that resembles tunics, making them perfect to wear outside the gym and at your office while having the same breathable, sweat-wicking qualities that are crucial to activewear. 

However, you need to avoid workout clothes with spandex, bright prints, neon colors, or anything too tight, sheer, or low-cut at the office to pull it off. Still, wearing flowy workout tops to the office will save you the extra hassle of having to bring gym clothes and changing into them once you’re done with work!

Look for Polished Prints

If you want to wear the same pair of pants to work and your yoga or barre class, opt for yoga pants with prints that look like the fabric used for slacks or other kinds of work pants. That’s right—they exist! However, stay away from vivid patterns and prints, like geometric or animal ones, and opt for herringbone or tweed prints instead. No one will suspect you’re wearing yoga pants!

Wear a Blazer

Another great way to wear athleisure at the office is to throw on a blazer. They’re great for instantly elevating your look while hiding the fact that you’re wearing a gym top. Additionally, you can wear a comfortable, breathable blazer that you can wear after your workout to maintain a polished look.

Wear Pieces With Office-Inspired Details

Some sportswear comes in more refined styles with office-inspired details like cowl necks, asymmetrical hemlines, unique seaming, or ruching. Not only will you be one of the most fashionable at the gym, but you’ll look extra stylish at your office without anyone realizing you’re in athletic wear!

Try Fitted Long Sleeves

Another tip to get away with wearing workout clothes to the office is to wear sleek, long-sleeved, or fitted shirts that look more elegant and stylish than the usual cotton top but are also sweat-wicking and lightweight. These tops are effortless to pair with your more formal office skirts or pants while being comfortable enough to wear at the gym.


Some people think that gym wear and office wear are mutually exclusive, but that simply isn’t true. By picking the right athleisure pieces, you’ll look stylish and elegant both at the office and gym without having to pack an extra set of clothes!

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