Women's Activewear Essentials for Every Active Lifestyle

woman exercising

Living an active lifestyle is a commitment that everyone should be willing to make. There’s almost no better way to achieve a sense of accomplishment than finishing a set or two and breaking a good sweat. One way to motivate yourself to work out is to get yourself the right athleisure wear so you can move around comfortably and feel good about yourself. Here are some closet staples that every woman needs for workout routines. 

Closet Checklist: 5 Essential Women's Activewear 

Sports Bra

Running, jumping, and even the simplest movements without a secure sports bra can feel very uncomfortable. Sports bras provide that extra support that no ordinary bra can provide when exercising. 

The best kinds of sports bras are those that are stretchable, breathable, and stylish. Make sure to get one in your shirt size, so your chest isn’t pressed too tightly. 


Wearing sweatpants or joggers is not the best option for intense workouts for leg day (despite what they’re called). You need to be able to move without constraint without worrying about your pants falling off. 

The trendiest and best option for workouts nowadays are leggings. They fit perfectly around your legs and are much more breathable. They are perfect for a good session of pilates, yoga, weights, and more. Plus, they show off your booty a lot better!

Gym Shorts

When the days just seem too hot for you to slip on your leggings, gym shorts are your saviour. These are perfect bottoms for swimming, bicycling, and hiking. They also show off the legs you’ve been working hard to keep lean and muscular.


Not every workout has to be at a level 10 intensity. There are days where you should just take it easy with some walking or meditative yoga. Sweatpants are a comfortable option that will help you sweat even if you’re taking things slow. 

Running Shoes

When you’re exercising, you will be on your feet the whole time. Even if your workout is a low-intensity walk in the park with your pet, it still pays to have the right shoes. Running shoes are the best for such situations. They are tight on your feet and breathable, so you won’t be splashing in your own sweat every time you take a step.

Gym Shirt 

If you’re not comfortable walking into the gym with just a sports bra on, then there are plenty of trendy gym shirts that are made from breathable materials and fit just right. Crop tops are a crowd favourite.


Hoodies are a great before-and-after workout staple. They can keep your body warm before a workout and feel great on the skin after a nice shower. 


Having the right workout clothes goes beyond style. High-intensity exercise can be highly uncomfortable if you don’t wear the right clothing made from breathable and comfortable materials. These apparel must-haves can make workouts a lot more manageable. Style is not a priority, but it is a definite plus.

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