About Us


Welcome to Veer Active, a cutting-edge apparel company creating premium, unique, and fashionable activewear.

Every day we are inspired by the kindhearted nature of our loyal community... Inspired by their compassion and desire for impactful change, championing the power of equality not for personal gain but as a right all should possess! At Veer Active, we aim to leverage our cutting-edge premium apparel to inspire others to join the movement, and allow passion and compassion to motivate those around us.

We strive to lead the charge of inclusivity, boldly embracing and aggregating cultural prints for equal representation for all. Our product lines are designed to capture the beauty in everyone, not just from an ancillary aesthetic. By channeling culturally significant patterns, we hope to shine a light on the beauty of difference, discovering different definitions and viewpoints of beauty. Together we can inspire change. We are dedicated to making an impact. Each and every purchase will accompany a donation to a reputable nonprofit organization equally committed to inspiring the change we want to see in the world and embracing inclusivity for all. We encourage everyone to join us on this bold journey toward a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your support and passion. We look forward to servicing our powerful community for years to come.