Amina Legging in Black - Veer Active
Amina Legging in Black - Veer Active
Amina Legging in Black - Veer Active
Amina Legging in Black - Veer Active

Amina Legging in Black

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A pair of straight, sleek, and sexy leggings that can serve as the base for the perfect athleisure outfit. In a deep green color or simple the black, you’re fully representing the earthiness that Veer Active embodies today.

Perfect fit
Shape retention
UV protection
Two-way stretch

80% Micro Polyamide
20% Elastane

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Why choose us?

Reason one

We don't only excel at producing beautiful sportswear, Veer Active remains committed to giving a portion of your purchase to 4 carefully selected Charities.

Reason two

Veer Active strongly believes that the AFRO heritage, the art and styles have an excellent role in the global fashion arena and we will continue to showcase that.

cultural diversity

By channeling culturally significant patterns, we hope to shine a light on the beauty of difference, discovering different definitions and viewpoints of beauty. Together we can inspire change.

stronger together

We are dedicated to making an impact. Each and every purchase will accompany a donation to a reputable nonprofit organization equally committed to inspiring the change we want to see in the world and embracing inclusivity for all. We encourage everyone to join us on this bold journey toward a better tomorrow.

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